Approximatley four years ago my father passed away due to mixed causes. Since and during his passing I started taking pictures in an effort to understand what was happening both to me and to those around me. I may have lost a father but I was able to re-connect with a branch of my family I had lost touch with. I may have lost my father but I gained a new family. My father was a photographer in my youth taking pictures at schools, shooting weddings and doing press kits for bands. I wasn't of the age to work with him on a professional level before he passed so maybe I am trying to cope with that dissapointment by living in his footsteps.This project spans from hospitals to graveyards and barbeques. It is still a work in progress that I am hoping to have done by the end of this year or the beggining of the next. The sections of this project are as follows:

Now: The hospital while he was passing, the funeral, when I went to his house to help clean up

After: Me re-visiting places we used to go and doing things we used to do, by doing so hopefully cleaning out my mind.

Family: Documenting events with both my new found and already existing family members in leui of the person who would normally have done it, dad

Versions: His images and mine, me attempting to re-shoot his

I am still figuring this out. While the order is pretty set there are still missing images that complete sequences and whole sequences that don't exist yet. If you or anyone you know is interested in showing this body of work or helping me find a publisher awesome and I look forward to hearing from you. I will be looking for people to pose for school stlye portraits come December, if you are interested in posing, please shoot me an email and lets talk.
Hope you find my journey visually pleasing,